Available in Standard and Energy Efficent


High-Performance Transformer Bushings

Our conventional TRansformer bushings can mount at any angle, operate at cold and hot temperture ranges, and in high pollution sites.



PHV Conventional Transformer Bushings, available in standard and energy efficient, are versatile and high performing. They can be mounted at any angle, on new and existing transformres. Other features include:


Compliance Standards

  • IEC60137
  • ANSI IEEE C57.19.00
  • IEEE C57.19.01
  • IEC60815
  • SANS IEC60137
  • IEC65700 for DC
  • IEC61850
  • ISO 9001

Operating Conditions

  • Ambient temperature -50°C to 60°C
  • Altitude of installation up to 1800 m
  • Pollution level: Heavy (31mm/kV)
  • Mounting angle: Any angle
  • Markings According to IEC 60137
Also Available

Energy Efficient PHV Transformer Bushings

They have the capciticy to reduce energy losses due to eddy currents by between 10% – 80%. Compliance to all regulatory standards, such as IEC 60137, CSA 88.1, and IEEE C57.19.


For Railways

1Online Monitoring

  • Watch your assets 24x7x365
  • 3D monitoring of bushings not just test tap

2Non-invasive Live Equipment Installation

  • No down time required to install

3Edge Analytics

  • Machine Learning & Self Improving
  • Know your equipment condition not just complex data

4Fire Retardant Option Available

  • flammability rating, ul 94 v0, v1

5Product Resources

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